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Where To Buy

Click on the link above to be directed to the Amazon page where you can buy 'The Idiots Messiah'!


  • 'This is a great story. It hooks you in from the very start and continues to keep up pace and momentum all the way through. It is a heady mix of shady characters from the underbelly of LA to the lofty heights of spiritually awakened beings who have transcended the third dimensional reality. I would describe this as a thriller with soulful insights into the nature of consciousness. It is also a very visual experience with fantastic details and descriptions. Inspirational!........' - 'followyourjoy' (Amazon)


  • 'I absolutely loved this book and rocked through it in a matter of days. Funny, provocative, challenging and unexpected; it is also really well written and full of profound spiritual insight. This book definitely deserves to sell bucketloads and I hope it does, because Mr Deconinck is clearly a talented and exciting novelist who should be encouraged to write more. I would definitely buy anything else he may write.' - 'Mo Johnson' (Amazon)

  • A fantastic read, the author is obviously off his rocker! Fast, funny and deeply touching, a twisted tale that that takes the reader down strange and dark paths, to a finale both exhiarating and satisfying. Very entertaining. - Lakshman. (Amazon)

  • From the first page you are hooked , this book cleverly takes you on an unexpected spiritual journey , just as you think you know what is going on there is another twist . Carlos Delgado restores ones faith in humanity , maybe we are not all doomed after all . Loved it ! - Lucy (Amazon)

  • Good fun entertaining story, it'd make a great Tarantino movie. DeConnick obviously has a healthy imagination and a good narrative skill. - Sam J (Amazon)

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